Interior Designing is becoming famous in India as a profession to express creative skills through work. Don’t want to join the regular courses likes engineering, commerce, arts or computer application after completing 12th? Are you an interior design aspirant to learn creative things? Worrying about what course to choose to pursue your career as interior design? This post is completely for you and will be helpful for you.

Generally, Interior design deals with decoration of space, a design of rooms and build a perfect ambiance of home or office interior. It focuses on the design of buildings & exteriors. It’s an art and creative field that mainly focuses on design to make the interior more elegant, use of space and use to homeowners. The tasks of the interior designer include site survey, analysis, planning, design drawing, layout design, client interaction, material purpose & model management.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses:

If you are 12th graduated and have skill to design a space in your own creative way. Within few years, you can become an interior designer with certificate and skills to design interior of home and offices.

Bachelor’s Degree courses in Interior Design in Delhi:

·         BA (Bachelor of Arts) Interior Design- 3 years

·         BA Interior Design & Architecture – 3 years

·         Bachelor of Interior Design- 4 years

·         B.Sc. Interior Design – 3 years

·         Bachelor of Interior Design & Architecture – 5 years

Diploma Courses:

The Diploma courses duration is between 1-2 years and you can do it after graduating 10th or 12th with around 50% as it depends on the institute. To get enrolled for interior design courses, one should clear the entrance exam and some institutes prefer to enroll students based on merit.

Diploma Courses for Interior Design in Delhi:

·         Diploma in Interior Design

·         Diploma in Interior Design & Architecture

Certificate Courses:

Other than the above listed degree interior design courses, Certificate courses are also there to make you a certified interior designer. However, these courses are less valuable than its Degree & Diploma courses. Such courses could be completed within 6 months to 1 year. Of course, any one who is 10+2 pass out in any stream can join the courses and purse the career.

Where to Learn Interior Designing in Delhi?

Now, you have all the information about interior design courses and hope you have decided which one is good for you and your future. The very next question is “where to get enrolled”. Don’t worry about it. Here we have listed out the Top Interior Design Institute in India where you can learn and make your career shine.

·         Tatyam School of Design – Top interior design institute in Delhi

·         VIDM

·         JD Institute

·         Pearl Academy

·         Arch Academy

Interior design aspirants, you have all that you need at an initial state. Take your first step today and reach the top of the industry in the nearer future. Still lacking of confidence and information; call Tatyam School of Design offering interior design courses in Delhi. We can help you at every stage of your career.

Who doesn’t want to grab the opportunities and explore the skills to a new level? Everyone would. As we all know the world is becoming smaller and smaller in terms of spreading skills and meet anyone in the world virtually and physically. Of course, you can showcase your talent to the world within the fraction of time using social media. If you are a fashion design expert and looking for moving on abroad to hone the skills and showcase your talent to the world; this post is for you. Here we have listed a few tips; you should apply to move abroad with your fashion design skills.

Update Your Profile:

There are several websites where a fashion design expert can showcase their portfolio; LinkedIn is one of them and the most suitable profile creation sites for fashion experts.  It’s quite easier to build a profile same as creating an account on Facebook. Use the LinkedIn profile as your electronic business card and meet with the people of the same profession in the country where you would like to stay.

Develop Your Skills and Yourself Too:

Before moving to a country where you want to shine your skills; you should develop yourself and skills through online courses, videos, reading books, TedTalks and more. This will help you level up your skill and make you advanced in this field. Don’t miss out any opportunity in your current firm; grab it and convert into the expertise.

If you are fashion aspirant students; you should have started learning new things when you are studying in fashion designing college in Delhi. This will help you make a good habit to learn new things.

Create Your Network with Niche Profession:

How to build it? This is the very first question comes in a mind when you are a newbie in this industry with a dream of moving abroad with fashion designing skills. Join the various groups on social media sites and discuss with them to learn new things and make professional friends. This one is the easiest way to connect with people of your field and exchange the knowledge with them too.

Get a Sound Knowledge of Industry Platforms:

To build a design; you need an editor or tools, right? Before moving abroad; you should have got a good grip on such industry platforms and tools. So, in future; you will create a design easily on a screen.

Stay productive and active in your field; the whole world will give respect to your skill and so to you as well.

Do you have a passion for fashion designing then why don’t you join courses for a diploma in fashion designing in Delhi? Tatyam School of Design is all set to give wings to your dream.

Interior Designing is an evolving career option with lots of challenges and opportunities. Interior designing is an art of transforming a simple space into a functional one. When we all hear the word “interior design”; we all think about designing homes. However, this field is not just limited to homes but it reaches out to other spaces like hotels, offices, institute, restaurants, public building and malls. Today, everyone wants to use every corner of home or office and only an interior designer can convert the free spaces into a functional one.

Choosing interior designing as your career is a good idea but it requires an aspirant to have technical knowledge, skill and creativity to brighten up the future. To hone the skills; one needs to choose the best interior design course. Tatyam School of Design is a well-known interior design institute in Delhi offering various design courses and enhances the knowledge of interested candidates. We teach the following things at our institute:

Color Combination:

No matter how you design, you must choose the right combination of colors. During our courses, our professors teach you the basic of color psychology and explain “how color affects the interior of a home ambiance”. After completing the course; you will be able to experiment with colors to make the space looking elegant and attractive.

Space Management:

Space management is a necessity nowadays and everyone wishes to get every space of home or office a functional one. As the property prices have been increasing immensely, an interior design expert must know how to design small spaces. At our institute, you will learn space management and how to design it as per the client’s needs within the given timeframe and resources.

Virtual Designing in Computer:

Within our institute, you will learn basics & advanced computer apps to design interiors virtually to get the various combinations. So, you will provide different interior styles to the clients on a computer. This is quite important for the interior design aspirants to provide numerous combinations of wall colors, furniture, space design and other materials.

Latest Trends in Interior Designing Industry:

To stay ahead in the cut-throat competition; one must keep updated with the latest trends and understand the clients’ behavior. Every homeowner or business owner wants to renovate with the latest interior design to attract others. Within our short-term design courses; a student will learn the upgraded design tactics to provide the best interior design of homes and offices.

It’s time to make your career bright in interior designing. Need more information about our interior design courses; fill up the form: or call us directly at +91 9818-873-353.

Students have been choosing Fashion designing as their career to shine the future for the last couple of years. Today, vast doors are available to earn money and respect after completing the Fashion Design course in India. Yes, it’s true. However, this field is extremely broad and covering all concepts is not possible for a fashion design expert. So, no worry about the job after completing fashion designing course in Delhi; we have listed down some of the best fashion design career options to choose from.

Start Your Own Fashion Design Company:

Reading at first seems bit tough and near to impossible for a newbie fashion designer. But we have several examples for the same as well. A graduate with an extraordinary entrepreneur skill can start a company with a broad mission and vision. Of course, starting a new firm will require finance, sourcing materials and more but not hard enough; if you have made up your mind to be your own boss.

Start Your Own Blog:

This is another one “Be Your Own Boss” type fashion career option. If you don’t have the money or sufficient finance to start a company; this would be a better choice for you. A graduate student will have enough knowledge to write on the fashion industry. However, it requires a little technical knowledge to maintain the blog. You can teach this stuff in a short time. Find your niche fashion blogger; analyze them and then explore your own skill to the world in the form of a blog. Make sure that your content and concept are unique to attract the crowd towards you.

Be a Fashion Writer:

Love to “Work from Home”? This is a great opportunity for you to write on fashion industry sitting on your desk at home. Apply for a writer position at famous publications and that’s it. Write for them as per their requirements and earn handsome amount without stepping into a publication office. How easy to earn money and value!

Open Your Own Showroom in Your Town:

Several graduates open their own shop with unique fashionable outfits and sell to local customers. This will help you how to deal with the buyers on daily basis and can be a stepping stone of your goal. Do I need to provide examples for the same?

These are some of the career options that you can choose without doing the job for others. This career options can help you earn unlimited. So, what are you waiting for; join a fashion designing institute in Delhi, choose an appropriate fashion designing course and shine your future.

You can join the following courses:

Diploma in Fashion design course

Degree in Fashion design course

Bachelor in Fashion design

Today, people are becoming crazy toward nature-inspired design called Biophilic Interiors. All homeowners always wish to have a home with an elegant interior which can transform an empty space into a functional one. The biophilic interior creates a significant positive impact on the family member’s well-being and health. Implementing Biophilic interior design to your home can enhance creativity, reduce stress & improve the family’s well-being. Researchers, theorists, and designing experts have been working for years to define aspects of nature and how does it impact on our healthy lifestyle.

A home is where we spend our most of the time there to feel relaxed and stay happy with your family. So, the Biophilic interior is necessary for homeowners to create a good ecosystem with nature to live a happy life with beloved family members. The major difference between regular design and Biophilic interiors is that it puts emphasis on overall habitat not just an isolated occurrence of nature. Here we have a list of some aspects that are considered in Biophilic Designing.

Natural Light with Necessary Intensity:

Everyone needs daylight to thrive. For the last couple of years, a large crowd of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and so, they all suffer from depression due to lack of sunlight in the winter season. Office employees feel such pain because the windows in office are covered by curtains to stop entering the sun lights. So, the natural light is a solution. Natural light is a prior element of Biophilic design.

Natural Plants – A Healing Thing in Home:

Homeowners have been becoming crazy for adding natural plants as it’s considered as a healing thing. It makes us more relaxed, feel calmer and improve your mental health. The real plants are used to build a Biophilic interior designing as we need to build a connection with nature to avail benefits of it.

Colour Combinations:

Choosing the right colour combination is essential in interior design. The colors make an impact on us good or bad depending on choosing the colors. The colors of home elements including furniture, walls, windows, doors, paintings, ceiling, kitchen, bathroom, etc. have been chosen right to build a positive impact on a human’s mind. Biophilic interior puts more emphasis on choosing the right colors for all elements.

Learn Biophilic Interior Design in Delhi

Are you an aspirant to learn interior designing; you would start it with joining interior designing institute in Delhi. If you want to learn in a short time then you would choose diploma interior designing course Delhi which takes around a year to complete it.

Get enrolled at Tatyam School of Design and become an interior design professional.

Tatyam School of Design is a popular institute in Delhi offering various professional courses and enhancing the skills of aspiring and passionate students to make their future bright. The goal of Tatyam School is simple, improvise and modernize the capabilities of the youth of India using various learning techniques and allow them to choose their dream career. With this aim, we are providing the following professional courses and hone the skills and caliber of students.

Interior Design Courses in Delhi:

Today, a home is not just a living place but a showcase of owner’s wealth. So, homeowners love to spend money on designing their homes and increase the aesthetic value. Due to the huge demand for reliable interior design experts; Interior design field opens a lot of doors for the aspirants who want to build their career as an interior expert. At Tatyam School of Design, we offer degree and diploma courses for interior design and enhancing their knowledge in both theoretically and practically. Get more information about diploma/degree interior design course here.

Fashion Design Courses in Delhi:

Tatyam School of design offers various degree and diploma courses for fashion design to improve the knowledge and talents of aspiring youth. Fashion is now for everyone and even a medium class family wears fashionable apparels to look beautiful. So, the demand for fashion expert is high and due to that more and more youngsters have been pursuing their career as a fashion expert. We teach our students everything from basic to advance in the fashion design field. You can choose our either 1 year or 2 years diploma course. For more information about the diploma Fashion Design courses; click here…

Makeup and Styling Courses in Delhi:

For the girls who want to learn quickly and earn money; our Makeup and Styling courses is a perfect fit for them. Within 3 months; you can become a makeup artist and/or styling expert and start earning money by beautifying the customers’ faces. Yes, students get practical and live training to improve the skills. Join the Tatyam School of Design for makeup & styling courses and be a talented makeup artist in 3 months. Click here to get what you will learn at our institute.

Beauty & Wellness Courses in Delhi:

Tatyam School of Design offers beauty and wellness certified programme for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2-year diploma courses. The professional staff is ready to teach you everything that you should have as a talented beautician. From threading to hair smoothening; you will get practical knowledge at our institute. Get more course information; click here…

Wish to talk with our faculty about any of the above degree and diploma courses; make a call with us at +91 9818-873-353 or simply drop an email at Our team will reach you soon and provide all the information you are looking for.

The fashion industry has been enhancing gradually and so, everyday people demand unique and designed apparel to look beautiful than others. No doubt that there are numerous opportunities for the youngsters to start a career in this field and earn more than other professionals. Today, every age group prefers to wear fashionable clothes, shoes or accessories. That’s why fashion designing course is a big age among the fashionistas and fashion aspirants.

Aspiring fashion designers get involved in analysis, research, optimize resources and build the design better than others. This industry is quite tough as every day new challenges come to fashion designers’ life means lots of work opportunities are there. Here we have listed a few reasons to build a brilliant career in Fashion Design Industry.

Huge Work Opportunities:

The fashion industries need resources who can bring unique things for the fashion loving people. From kids to old age, everyone wants to wear trendy clothes to look beautiful and feel comfortable. If you are a fashion aspirant or want to be; you need to design catchy garments which can attract others. Those fashion experts build creative and stylish apparels can create a successful career path in this industry. Each group of people has different requirement and so, every time a fashion designer needs to be active to deliver the best apparel for them.

Constant Learning & Upgrading Yourself with Latest Trends:

As we have already said the Fashion industry has been continuously evolving so, to stay ahead of the competition; one needs to keep updated and learn constantly. Creativity, excitement and enhancement are what required in the world of glamour. So, you need to stay active and learn constantly to hone the skills and talents to match the needs of customers. Constant learning makes you more confident and delivers the best. Want to become a fashion design professional within 6 to 12 months; you should opt for a diploma in fashion designing in Delhi.

Unlimited Progression and Enhancement:

Ground level knowledge is necessary for this industry and along with this; you need to keep updated with the latest trends. You will be given lots of opportunities to enhance the skills as a designer. Your journey from learner to higher rank will define you as a design expert. Once you become the professionals; you will earn lots of money based on your creativity.

Hope these 3 reasons are enough to convince you to become a fashion expert. Find the best fashion designing institute in Delhi and start learning fashion designing modules & be a fashion expert. Tatyam School of Design is one of the best fashion design institutes in Delhi known for enhancing the skills of aspiring students.

The pros of becoming an interior designer include utilising your creativity and developing your career while dealing with difficult clients and stress are a few of the cons.
Creativity Unleashed
As in interior designer you can truly unleash your creativity, transforming spaces into works of art. You have the chance to do what you love and showcase signature designs that will be appreciated by a great many (hopefully!).

While the cons are pretty common for most jobs, the pros of becoming an interior designer do offer a chance to find fulfilment if you truly love this line of work.
The Interior programme at Tatyam School of Design has been designed to offer learners an opportunity to gain great industry knowledge and skills and confidence to pursue a career in Industry. This programme will provide learners with a sound understanding of the latest technology and enable them to stand in the industry in a practical and interactive manner. The Interior Programme at Tatyam School of Design will help an individual to gain skills of an Entrepreneur by getting knowledge of the entire Industry to open their own Brand to generate employment.

Do you want to make your future bright as a professional interior designer? Apply at Tatyam School of Design – a recommended and best interior design institute Delhi by our former students who are now professional figures in this industry. To inquire about our best interior design courses; call us at +91 9818-873-353 or email us at

Fashion Designing is without a doubt, a dream career for loads of people out there. Especially people who lean towards artistic careers. Fashion Designing is nothing less than art in itself. You have the ability to make other people look good and that is nothing less than a super-power in its own way.
Fashion Designing is one career which is in a way recession proof and gets you a lot of fame if you are talented & hard working. It’s more or less like getting into Bollywood & working behind the camera (I know, not the perfect analogy but, you understand the point).
Fashion Designing has evolved in many ways from its inception in 1826, So has the designers. Loads of people think that Fashion Designing is all about drawing designs on a sheet of paper & designing clothes — Very Far away from truth. Fashion Designing is also about designing apparels, jewellery, dying colors, understanding the psychology of colors, understanding the style of different cultures and what that means to that particular cultural and a lot more.
I can go on a limb and loosely define Fashion Designing as the process of creation of Fashion itself.
Trust me when I say this, If you do it right in the Fashion Industry; You might get filthy rich & famous for sure. But like everything else in the universe, Even Fashion Designing comes with its share of Advantages and Disadvantages. Sadly, that is how the universe works. Nothing comes without a price.
But, the silver lining is that; being a fashion designer has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. But, before we start looking into the pros and cons lets just briefly answer the question “How To become a fashion designer’ for people who don’t know about it.
Pattern Designer
Costume Designer
Fashion Entrepreneur
Personal Stylist
Technical and Graphic Designer
Fashion Coordinator and Assistant Designer
Seeking a famous and best fashion designing institute in Delhi to make a shining future as a Fashion Designer? You have got the right place. Call us on +91 9818-873-353 or email us at We would love to help you make your dream come true.

Fashion designers create clothing and accessories for people of all genders and ages. It can be an exciting career, especially for people who love setting trends. Here are few advantages of being a fashion designer.

1. You get to utilize your creative skills in a form you love.
Perhaps the most advertised benefit of being a fashion designer is that you get to utilize your creativity in a very singular way. Fashion designers must have either a thorough or unusual view of how colors can go together, what patterns can do for clothing, and how to come up with innovative and unusual things that trends to a broad audience. If you truly love coming up with designs for clothing and accessories, it’s hard to think of a better way to spend your days than by drawing up new ideas.

2. There’s a lot of flexibility in where and how you’d like to work.
Fashion is a worldwide phenomenon, with no end in sight. If you want to pack up and go look for work in Italy, you can. If you want to stay at home and send designs out to companies, you can. One of the great things about being a fashion designer is that you don’t have to work for a company. You can also be a freelance designer, working ultimately for yourself. You also have the option to work for apparel companies or for firms who create designs.

3. Your work can influence a whole industry—or even a whole culture.
If you have the “it” so necessary to this kind of industry, and you work hard and know the right people, your designs will eventually wind up being sold in stores and worn around town. If the stars really align, you very well could become one of the top names in the industry. Some fashion designers (think Coco Chanel) have become famous and are envied by everyone around them. You could ultimately create a fashion revolution—just don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

Seeking a famous and best fashion designing institute in Delhi to make a shining future as a Fashion Designer? You have got the right place. Call us on +91 9818-873-353 or email us at We would love to help you make your dream come true.

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