Interior Designing is one of the most popular and glorious fields of the modern world. Most of the residential and commercial buildings built in the 21st century are designed by interior designers for better space management. Today, the demand for a professional interior designer has been increased and opened numbers of doors of opportunities. Thousands of interior designing students complete their educations and take a step into the glorious field every year. They start showing their excellent skills learned during the academic curriculum. When they are working in the field; they also face some problems which are nothing but the myths. Yes, the myths harm them more than the actual professional challenges.

Here we have described some common myths about interior designers. These must be busted.

Myth 1: They charge for the things that you could DIY

This is a very common myth about interior designing and so the biggest loss of designers and the property owner as well. HOW? Designers couldn’t get appraised by the projects, they deserve and a property owner couldn’t get the place with the low-quality interior design even after spending a lot of money. Yes, we agree that several people are god gifted with a good visualization power, color psychology, decoration and pattern, etc. But it doesn’t mean that they know all the aspects of interior designs. There are plenty of valuable components that are necessary for designing an aesthetically rich space. Only an interior designer can do because of their expertise, experience, knowledge and skills they have practiced for years.

Myth 2: Females Influence the Interior Design

Absolutely wrong! For the last decade, the count of male professional interior designers has been increased. The profession is not a gender specific but a field of unique vision, skills and approach. A professional with good skills and experience will get success in the field. So, bust the myth that only female can become an interior designer. So, male aspirants; join interior design institute Delhi and pursue your career in the glorious field.

Myth 3: They Charge Huge

Designer charge based on the concepts and requirements of a client. So, if the project is bigger and requires more manpower; the charges will be high too. In short, the charges are depended on the size and complexity of a project.

Myth 4: Interior Design and Decoration Both are the same

Absolutely Not! Decoration means to fill up space with several elements at a particular place. While the interior design is something different. It includes space management, making a place attractive and set up the elements in a proper manner. Interior design offers comfort and functional space.

Hope you know about the myths and want to pursue your career as a professional designer? But due to the myths; you couldn’t join the Institute for the same. Don’t worry; get enrolled in diploma interior design institute Delhi and become a successful designer in the continuously evolving industry.

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