Apparel and Clothing are important facets that define an individual’s communication with society and that is what is reflected as his personality. Interpreting fashion movements and estimating its speed and direction is always very exciting. Tatyam offers another course, BID (fashion) which provides opportunity to students to specialize and have in-depth knowledge in textiles, marketing, production, retail management and promotions.

Scope: Fashion Designer, Milliner, Costume Designer for Film/ Theater, Bridal Designer, Illustrator, Pattern Maker or Grader, Stylist, Retail Merchandiser, Visual Display, Window Display etc.

Fashion Design – A Challenging And Innovative Career Scope For Creative Minds

Today, Fashion is not just for celebrities and businessmen but now even general people think about fashion before purchasing attire. Fashion is now a fast-paced world, every day new trends come in and strategy wins in the cut-throat competition. There is always a demand for professional figures that have managerial skills, fashion sense, creative designs, etc. Creativity and unique ideas are the main features of a professional fashion designer and that is what Tatyam School of Design teaches to focused students at our institute.

Tatyam School Of Design – A Prominent Fashion Designing College In Delhi

At Tatyam School of Design, we teach our bright learners to combine the unique ideas and creativity of artistic minds with the technical and psychological proficiency. Our main aim is to polish the artistic skills of our students related to the conceptualization and fashion design sense. Considering this motto, we do not only teach theory subjects but arrange the workshops for practical knowledge. We help our students evolve their unique fashion design skills and stay updated with the latest trends. Being a leading and the best fashion designing college in Delhi, our talented staff works constantly to improve students’ innovation design skills, creativity, design sense and also keep themselves upgraded with the upcoming trends. Choose a bachelor of fashion designing course.

Best Fashion Design Courses In Delhi – Transforming Your Ordinary Mind To A Talented One

Our best fashion designing courses are specially designed to hone the fashion design sensitization and creativity to meet the requirements of clients. Our courses comprise both Indian and foreign design styles so, our students can enhance their skill to the international level. Completing our fashion design courses, our students are highly trained to tackle the design related issues and concerns. A practical training, hands-on experience, and intellectual knowledge enable our young students to make patterns, conceptual ideas and design apparel of impeccable quality.


  • Pattern Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Personal Stylist
  • Consultant
  • Technical and Graphic Designer
  • Fashion Coordinator and Assistant Designer

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