There is growing international interest in the potential of the cultural and creative industries to drive sustainable development and create inclusive job opportunities.

Creative fields of films, art & crafts, including design fields of fashion, textile, jewellery, interior etc. are the major yield of a cultural industry.

Definitely, creativity and culture have been the adhesive that bring together not only hearts and souls, but entire societies and nations. Certainly, Fashion being one among all other creative arenas.

Fashion Industry has been a leading mechanism for the universal growth and development in the current global scenario. Fashion is part of everything which we see around us. Fashion industry has its inherent benefits one of them being the creativity. Creativity is most illustrative feature of Fashion and it continues (and will continue to do so) to be admired by the masses.

Now is the chance for the fashion industry to act differently, pursue profit and growth, while creating new value for societies and therefore the world economy. Now is the time to start doing things differently. It may appear daunting and very competitive but not difficult.

Get going & bring alive your imagination!!!

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