Becoming a fashion designer is a daunting task if you don’t have a clear vision. The fashion design industry has been running by the cool creatives and fashion enthusiastic people. Because this industry is continuously changing as per the customer’s demands and nothing is permanent in this design field. One who sticks to the existing styles will continue to struggle to make his/her own space in this industry; something he/she will be thrown out from the industry.

How to become a fashion designer & How to get succeed in it? A common question of all the fashion design experts. No one will have a doubt on it. Here we have listed few steps to become a successful fashion designer.

Learn and Look for Internship:

Needless to say, to become a professional in any field; you must learn. This is the same for the fashion design field too. Find the best fashion designing institute in Delhi or nearby in your town to learn the courses. Once you complete the courses; look for the internship. Some design institutes provide free internship or recommend you for an internship at a recognized fashion firm. A 2-year course and 6-month internship are enough to give your sufficient energy and self-confidence to become a successful fashion designer.

Start with the Bottom:

Not all of us will become Manish Malhotra in initial years. It takes times and you have to be okay with it. Remember, there are many other firms in this industry than Fashion TV and vogue. Start with the bottom, grab the opportunities, convert them into a stepping stone; this is a common process flow to become successful in any field. In this rapidly changing industry, you need to gain more experience & recognition. As much as you will gain; you will get ready to make your mark in the industry and earn a handsome amount.

Be Creative Be Innovative & Be Positive

Creativity and innovation are two main pillars of the fashion industry and rely on it. To become a creative expert; you should learn a skill and stay updated with the latest trends. A positive mindset can help you learn new things quickly. Don’t miss a single chance to master a skill and then see how quickly your resume expands.

Build a Strong Portfolio:

A strong portfolio is required to demonstrate your skills & creative sensibilities to potential clients or employer. Whatever skill you have; mention in your CV that will help you get a good job. Your portfolio will expand as you keep sharpening your skills with continuous practices. “The stronger your portfolio is; the bigger your reputation is.”

Hope you will follow these steps if you are a fashion aspirant. Don’t wait for a couple of years to complete the degree courses; you can opt for diploma courses. Tatyam School of Design offers courses for diploma in fashion designing in Delhi and helps you become a successful fashion designer in India.

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