Interior designing is one of those job profiles that require constant updating and learning throughout the career. You cannot learn a thing or two about the designing of spaces and rest assured that you will ace through all the projects you encounter. Every space and every client has different requirements and expectations; so you just can’t decorate all the spaces in one manner. Further, interior designers cannot always copy the catalogue looks and palettes from the online or offline sources as the catalogue designs are very specific to regional and spatial requirement and might not suit to the clients being served at some other place. For instance, if you are decorating a space in Indian NCR region, you just cannot go for the look you saw in a catalogue for a Canadian or American home. The facilities available, the furnishings, the cultural requirements and lifestyle of both the places are very different and there is no way a designer can copy the complete look. The following post will be focusing on the various pros and cons of being an interior designer in today’s world and reflect on the various challenges one encounters in this field.

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