I Absolutely Loved This Instittute. It Turned Out To Be Much More Challenging And Informative Than I Anticipated. It Showed Me Aspects Of Interior Design That I Didn’t Consider Before And I Loved The Fact That It Covers History As Well As Architecture In The First Few Assignments, Helping Me Develop My Eye For Various Styles And Their Decor As They Relate To Specific Eras. It Is A Great Way To Start Analyzing And Criticizing The Interior As Well As Exterior Treatments Of Various Buildings, While Getting More Comfortable With The Historic Roots Of Current Stylistic Elements, While Developing Your Own Style. One Might Think It Would Be Insufficient In Its Coverage Of The World Of Interior Design From Theoretical Concepts To The Practical, Real World Aspects, Yet The Whole Course Curriculum Is Logical, Informative And Provides Great Insights Into The Many Aspects Of Interior Design.

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