I Would strongly recommend this Institute to anyone who has an Interest in Interior Design, the Knowledge you gain through this Course is worth every cent you pay. I’m Looking forward to using the Skills and Knowledge I have gained from this Course into Practical Life. We attend many Exhibhitions and Workshops which gives me more Clarity of Materials and gave my exposure. All Life is comprised of Design – Light, Pattern, Texture, Color, Form during the Course of this Study, I began to Look at things Differently, To study things with an educated eye. My excitement continued to Build in each Module as I learned More…. And the ‘Sleeping Giant’ Of my Creativity slowly but surely awakened. After Course Submissions, I waited for each Review like a child at the Candy Store… But only for an instant. Positive Reinforcements were her Opening Remarks in every module, followed by comments and helpful suggestions. It fuelled m Fire. I dove into each module with Unbridled Enthusiasm.

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