I am Tigist, I am from Ethiopia and I found Tatyam School of Design is a superlative Fashion Institute. I am getting excellent exposure from this Institute. I really like the Indian culture and this institute provide regular cultural events and information to all the students. My personal experience of Tatyam School of Design is amazing as they never make me feel as an outsider, I feel myself as another Indian. The most exciting thing about Tatyam is that the knowledge they provide is completely relevant and as per Industry norms. Overall Tatyam School of Design is a fabulous place to be in for learning about Indian Culture and to gain practical knowledge start our career,


I am Tanya student of Tatyam School of Designing studying Fashion Designing programme. The best thing about Tatyam is that the more emphasis is given on practical knowledge rather than theoretical one. Tatyam School of Design has equipped me completely to outshine my talent in the world of fashion. Studying fashion designing course is just amazing, it provides us with more career options in the world of Fashion. It has helped me allot in brushing up my designing skills and with their excellent exposure,

Mohd. Aejaz

Its my dreams to launch my own label and be my own boss, this course provides me the platform to develop my skills. Diploma in Fashion Designing is an innovative course and would pave way for aspiring students or professionals who want to take the plunge in the world of Fashion. Design Research and Illustration hone and develop my own style while management and entrepreneurship give you the confidence and understanding to take the bold step of making my own label.


Fashion Design program at Tatyam School of Design has provide us a very strong ground by getting groomed us by best faculties and giving us vast industry exposure. By teaching us strong intrapersonal skills it helped our own natural skills to make our signature and define themselves in a class where they stand with their creativity and skills. Design research and Illustration making as more and stronger to defined own creativity and skills. We are happy to be a part of first batch and looking forward to use all the knowledge gained here in our future business too.


The Advance diploma in Fashion Designing is a 2 years course and it’s the first of its own kind of a program started to help and teach people who want to start up something of their own, like their own label. The faculties are good and they helped us understand the basics of the fashion Industry. The course covers advanced designing skills, Illustration and Entrepreneurial skills. The course content covers all aspects required to start up one’s own label.

Leila Aden Ahmed

I am Leila Aden Ahmed, I have come from Somalia and I found Tatyam School of Design of Fashion is one of the best Fashion Institute I have come across with the exposure we are getting in this Institute is amazing. I really like all the faculties here. Experience at Tatyam School of Design Delhi is a best time. It is the most exciting module and we are gaining a lot of knowledge about marketing, branding and many other things. Overall Tatyam School of Design is a great Institute to be in for gaining the entrepreneurial knowledge and how to start your own label, what all difficulties one can face and how to overcome such situations. Although it’s a new Institute but I am sure it’s going to do wonders in coming years.

Dimple Rathore

Studying at Tatyam School of Design is a once in a life time opportunity, Which I have utilized to the fullest. I am grateful to Tatyam School of Design for giving me the chance to explore my knowledge, imbibing designing skills in me.I find Tatyam School of Design to be a very positive, nurturing learning environment. The staff and faculties are very supportive and passionate about helping students. They guide students to find right direction in their field of creativity. My favorite part of studying at Tatyam School of Designing is the regular events and expose they provide in the form of inspirational lectures to be given insight into their experiences in the top roles of the Industry.


Making The Decision To Sign Up For The Tatyam School Of Design Was By Far The Best Decision I Have Ever Made. After Months Of Hesitation, Going To The Website, But Not Going Through With The Enrollment, I Finally Pushed That Doubting Voice Inside My Head To Way Back, And Enrolled Last April. Studying With Tatyam Institute Has Been A Phenomenal And Informative Experience For Me, It Gave Me The Platform To Turn My Passion Into Something That I Love And Enjoy Doing So Much, Into A Career. I Am So Grateful To My Faculty, For Her Constant Support, Honest Remarks And Very Descriptive Yet Informative Advice That Has Helped Me Immensely Throughout This Course. Our Institute Organise Guest Lectures On A Regular Basis On Industry Related Materials, Topics So That We Get Immense Knowledge And Industry Exposure.


I Would strongly recommend this Institute to anyone who has an Interest in Interior Design, the Knowledge you gain through this Course is worth every cent you pay. I’m Looking forward to using the Skills and Knowledge I have gained from this Course into Practical Life. We attend many Exhibhitions and Workshops which gives me more Clarity of Materials and gave my exposure. All Life is comprised of Design – Light, Pattern, Texture, Color, Form during the Course of this Study, I began to Look at things Differently, To study things with an educated eye. My excitement continued to Build in each Module as I learned More…. And the ‘Sleeping Giant’ Of my Creativity slowly but surely awakened. After Course Submissions, I waited for each Review like a child at the Candy Store… But only for an instant. Positive Reinforcements were her Opening Remarks in every module, followed by comments and helpful suggestions. It fuelled m Fire. I dove into each module with Unbridled Enthusiasm.


I Absolutely Loved This Instittute. It Turned Out To Be Much More Challenging And Informative Than I Anticipated. It Showed Me Aspects Of Interior Design That I Didn’t Consider Before And I Loved The Fact That It Covers History As Well As Architecture In The First Few Assignments, Helping Me Develop My Eye For Various Styles And Their Decor As They Relate To Specific Eras. It Is A Great Way To Start Analyzing And Criticizing The Interior As Well As Exterior Treatments Of Various Buildings, While Getting More Comfortable With The Historic Roots Of Current Stylistic Elements, While Developing Your Own Style. One Might Think It Would Be Insufficient In Its Coverage Of The World Of Interior Design From Theoretical Concepts To The Practical, Real World Aspects, Yet The Whole Course Curriculum Is Logical, Informative And Provides Great Insights Into The Many Aspects Of Interior Design.


Tatyam School of Design is the “gateway to success”. It is the first step towards achieving your dreams that is being an entrepreneur; it’s about launching your own label. The institute helps me to explore my hidden talents. It is the place where our dreams can come true! I am grateful to all the faculty of Tatyam School of Design. I would end my comments with a thought for about experience if you smile at life, life will always smile at you.


This is the first fashion related course which is combined with the business aspect. This course provides the students a good blend of fashion and business. Not only that course structure is designed by the faculty members of highly reputed colleges Also, this course is giving an opportunity to the student to enhance their skills. Tatyma School of Designing is truly an epitome of “Perfectionism” and studying here has infused in me the skills and knowledge required to be a successful Entrepreneur. Getting the right push has encouraged me to start on my own. The course is specially designed in a way that helps the student to gain more of practical knowledge, which ultimately helps them achieve their prospective goals.


This Institute was definitely worth taking. Interior design is a Great Passion Of Mine – Regardless if it’s done modestly or lavishly – and this course helped me see that Beauty can be found and created Everywhere, from the Largest concepts the smallest details. Most interesting part of Tatyam is they provide much more of Practical knowledge like site Visits, Material Exposure, Market Survey Etc. This helps me in Understanding the thing in a better way. I plan to explore and expand my creativity using the knowledge and skill acquired from the course in my future career as an Interior Designer. Thank you Tatyam School of Design for allowing my imagination to roam free and for letting me express myself in an area where i know that even though i lacked several skills at first, I knew i was bound to improve given your expertise and trustworthy advice. I would absolutely recommend this institute to anyone interested in this area of design.

Nikhil Gupta – Acanthus Interiors [Managing Director]

Thanks to Tatyam School of Design for Even deeper Level of appreciation And understanding for great Design and Architecture. Today, Everywhere I look, I find inspiration all around me. I highly recommend the course for Anyone Who is seriously looking to take their Designer Passion and talent to the next Level.

Nadeem Ahmad – Production Manager [LA SOROGEKA]

Everything that you promised has come true, and more. Thank you to Tatyam School of Design I will continue to sing your praises. I owe you so much: you not only gave me a career, you gave me self-esteem and confidence in my own ability.

Ashish Sood – Interior Designer

I am truly proud of being a former student at Tatyam School of Design and still have nice memories of my studies time. More so, the knowledge I gained at Tatyam School of Design has been very helpful in my day-to-day work. I still refer to the study materials I got from Tatyam School of Design. I must say they are not only very resourceful but rich in content and helped enhance my proficiency at work.

Bhupesh Sharma – Founder @ Ahaan Design

Embarking on my Interior Design course coincided with my being at a complete career crossroads. Over the 2 years at Tatyam School of Design, I have felt extremely motivated to carry on and this is encouraged by the modular nature of the course. Overall, I think I can safely say that I am absolutely over the moon that I decided to take the course. I have also been able to start my own interior design firm.

Rajdeep Salh – Marvella Interior [Director]

My Interior Design Diploma has certainly opened up a very important door into an incredibly creative, fast-paced and satisfying career with a highly-regarded firm. The course provided an important foundation in design knowledge which, coupled with a lot of practical experience and ongoing education, has been a key to my personal success. Thank you Tatyam School of Design for allowing my imagination to roam free and for letting me express myself in an area where I know that even though I lacked several skills at first, I knew I was bound to improve given your expertise and trustworthy advice.

Neha Madaan – Sr.Interior Designer/BD [Tuscany Verve]

My Interior Design with Tatyam School of Design was one of the best experiences of my life. My Interior Design at TSD brought clarity of thought, knowledge, confidence, courage and conviction to me and my goals. Real time exposure was immense throughout the program. Faculty contributes significantly to your knowledge base at Tatyam School of Design. It made me realized that learning environment makes it different. Through campus, I got placed at Ernst & Young, Dream Company of many Interiors aspirant. Thanks to my Tatyam School of Design. I owe my success to “Tatyam” and presently feel of proud of being alumni of Tatyam School of Design.


Tatyam School Of Design Institute Has Provided Me – Just Nothing Short Of An Exciting And Perpetually Creative Process! Once I Decided To Seriously Pursue A Career In Interior Design, I Searched High And Low For The Best Possible Interior Design Institute That Would Serve My ‘Big Picture’ Goals,. Upon Spending Countless Long-Hour Days Scouring The Internet For All Things ‘Interior Design School,’ I Had The Good Fortune Of Finally Finding My Perfect Match – The Interior Design Institute! Even At The Infancy Stage Of Enrolling In The Course, I Knew I Had Found The Right Institute. Now, Fast Forward, Having Completed The Work And Making It To Graduation, I Am Proud To Say My Hunch – From The Beginning, To Now – Was Spot On! Completing The First Module, To Working My Way To The Very Last, While It Took Nothing Less Than Diligence And Hard Work Taking On The Challenge Of Each Assignment, I Am Happy In The End This Arduous Effort Has Paid Off. Thanks To Institute For Even Deeper Level Of Appreciation And Understanding For Great Design And Architecture. Today, Everywhere I Look, I Find Inspiration All Around Me. I Highly Recommend The Course For Anyone Who Is Seriously Looking To Take Their Designer Passion And Talent To The Next Level – The Interior Design Institute Will Certainly Get You There. Between My Empowering And Super Awesome Faculty, And The Terrific Staff, I Am Grateful For The Educational Experience.

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